Why Natural Hormones Are Essential At Midlife

In this episode of The Hormone Prescription Podcast, our guest, Dr. Tara Scott, explains why Natural Hormones are essential in Midlife and how they can be used to enhance physical and emotional well-being.

Dr. Tara Scott, Hormone Guru, helps people find the cause of their symptoms and get them on a path to optimal health. With over 25 years of experience and 3 board certifications in OB/GYN, Functional medicine and Integrative medicine, Dr. Scott has helped thousands of patients struggling with hormone issues including endometriosis, breast cancer, weight gain and more.

Dr. Tara Scott dives deep into the ways that these hormones affect our body, our mood, our libido and how they influence our relationships with other people. We’ll also know what happens when our hormones change over time, as they do throughout life. She also explains why there is such a lack of information regarding the use of these hormones (especially Testosterone) in our society and offers some solutions to this problem.

This is an essential topic for midlife men and women who have been feeling unwell, or who are experiencing the menopause transition. As with all my interviews, I hope that you will enjoy listening to Dr. Scott’s insights and comments. I am sure that you will find them thought-provoking, informative, and useful.

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