#107 Why Diets Actually CAUSE Women at Midlife To Gain Weight!

Stu Schaefer is a 20 year Award-Winning weight-loss coach who helps people reset their metabolism so that they lose weight effortlessly. In this episode, we talk to Stu about why your diet and exercise routine might actually be interfering with your ability to lose weight at midlife.

Most women are surprised to learn the correct exercise recommendations for them at midlife. Failure to adhere to scientific guidelines for diet and exercise can cause serious health consequences that may last a lifetime. Learn what neglected component of successful weight loss is essential and how to do it the right way. Also discover how to properly program your metabolism to actually let go of the pounds, even if your hormones are struggling.

Stu is offering access to his FREE metabolism quiz and ebook both of which will help you begin the journey to healing your metabolism and losing weight