Trauma Healing

Survivors of trauma are everywhere among us, sometimes in our own families. Whether the trauma involved witnessing or experiencing a violent event, surviving a natural disaster, returning home after serving our country as a member of the armed forces in an area of intense, unrelenting combat, struggling to come to grips with life after prolonged domestic or partner abuse, or trying to put the pieces back together after childhood years of physical and/or sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment, the result is the same: trying to mend a life shattered by trauma.

This episode’s guest, Dr. Aimie Apigian, specializes in helping people overcome the effects that negative psychological life experiences have on their physical health. She understands that the missing link preventing people from healing physically arises from adverse emotional events as the founder and CEO of trauma healing accelerated and the biology of trauma coach training program. She helps people and experts alike, truly understand this missing link and how to properly address it to allow healing to occur.

Looking for peace and calm in the middle of the storm? You have come to the right place. Dr. Aimee created this free 16-page introductory ebook to not only understand attachment trauma but to accelerate the healing journey.

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