#114 More than meets the eye: Preserving & Healing Your Vision Naturally

65% of blindness occurs in older women. A staggering and preventable statistic. Your eyes are not only the windows to your soul but also to your health.

My guest today will shed some light on the vital importance of your overall health to

Preventing vision loss and preserving this vital capacity as you age. Called America’s Integrative Eye Doctor, Dr. Rudrani Banik is an integrative ophthalmologist who uses validated nutritional and lifestyle approaches to improve vision and brain health. Dr. Rani knows that blindness is preventable by using natural strategies to correct the diseases that cause it.

Enjoy clear vision for a lifetime! Download Dr. Banik’s ebook, “6 Secrets to Eye Health.” https://rudranibanikmd.com/6-ways-to-supercharge-your-vision