How To Be A Menopause Boss with Dr. E 'The Stem Cell Guy'

Dr Kyrin is an anti-aging and functional medicine physician with a background in OBGYN whose own health struggles prompted her to look for answers beyond what her traditional training showed her. As a result she lost over 100 pounds, regained her life back from fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, and learned How to be a Menopause Boss. In this episode she shares how she helps her patients do the same.

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Actionable Steps:

1. Know where you are with your hormones. Determine if you are on menopause or not first!

2. Menopause is “the straw that broke the camel’s back” because there's usually several other imbalances and root causes that have been accumulating over several decades. And these are usually those “minor” issues that you take medication for and are being masked instead of addressed. So those need to be dealt with!

3. All of your health problems usually involve cortisol imbalances. Test it getting a four-point salivary cortisol test and start addressing it.

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