Hormones and Cycle Optimization

Today’s guest, Kela Smith, a fitness trainer and a wellness educator shares her own journey through healing infertility naturally. She authored "The Hormone Puzzle Method: Solving Infertility Workbook" and "The Complete Hormone Puzzle Cookbook". Kela is the founder of "The Hormone Puzzle Society", a women's health hub for women needing assistance with fertility and hormones. And she hosts "The Hormone Puzzle Podcast" as well as several globally attended online courses.

Learn more about balancing hormones so you can optimize your fertility and thrive in menopause in this episode.

*Please note that Cycle Syncing is a Registered Trademark of Alisa Vitti, who coined the term in her book The Woman Code, and is used in this podcast under Descriptive Fair Use as defined by article 15 U.S.C. § 1115(b)(4), in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is not being used for any advertisement or sales of any items, solely for educational purposes.

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