#104: Create an extraordinary life after 40 with Natalie Matushenko

What does it take to create an extraordinary life after 40?

Too often in our busy lives, we just think about the physical part – when we feel ill we just look at what’s outside but haven’t even thought of the emotional and spiritual aspect of our illness.

Having brilliant health is not just one thing – it involves all of the facets including the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Transformational Leadership coach Natalie Matushenko provides her insights, experience and tips on living an extraordinary life after 40 in this week’s podcast episode.

Key Notes:

  • What does it take to create an extraordinary life after 40?

  • How will it help women?

  • Passion and purpose for women over 40

  • 7 steps to finding your passion and purpose


“Hormones are there to have us go deeper and deeper within.” – Natalie Matushenko

“All physical illness is ultimately an emotional, energetic, spiritual illness.” – Dr. Kyrin

“If you don’t do the physical work, you’re not going to achieve physical health.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Our life experiences often lead us to having negative views of our life.” – Natalie Matushenko

Links Mentioned:

Natalie Matushenko’s website - https://nataliematushenko.com/

7 Steps to Living Your Purpose Masterclass - https://extraordinarylife.life/p/living-your-purpose

Extraordinary Life after 40 Summit - https://extraordinarylifeafter40.com

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