#101: Full Body Stem Cell Makeover Inside & Out with Dr. Tami Meraglia

Stem cells may hold the key to regenerating old and malfunctioning body parts. They are being used to regenerate body parts from new knee cartilage to youthful facial skin and in areas that might surprise you.

Double board-certified MD and author of the bestselling book The Hormone Secret, Dr. Tami Meraglia, shares her mastery of this new field of medicine and her experience as the CEO of US Stemology and Seattle Stem Cell Center, the leading stem cell treatment center in the US.

This is an exciting episode that opens new vistas for what is possible for your health.

Key Notes:

  • What are stem cell treatments and what are they used for?

  • The process of stem cell treatments

  • Meditation on the effect of stem cell treatments

  • What is the stem cell diet?

  • Key factors to address before and after stem cell treatments.


“Your stem cells in your body are considered a drug.” – Dr. Tami Meraglia

“Your brain is the most greedy organ in your entire body.” – Dr. Tami Meraglia

“Your thoughts and feelings are internal pharmacists.” – Dr. Tami Meraglia

“A period of fasting increases the number of stem cells that you naturally have.” – Dr. Tami Meraglia

“Her brilliant health means women need to be the CEO of their own health.” – Dr. Tami

“Brilliance is your birth right.” – Dr. Tami

Links Mentioned:

Dr. Tami’s website - https://drtami.com/

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