#094: Reset Your Metabolism for Successful Waist Loss with Dr. Alan Christianson

The high failure rate of most weight loss programs demonstrates the fundamental fallacy that weight equals calories in minus calories out. But what is the missing key keeping you from shedding pounds and feeling great in your own skin?

A sluggish metabolism is the problem and one key organ is the controller that determines if your body will hold onto calories or burn them for fuel and energy.

New York Times Bestselling author of The Metabolism Reset Diet, Dr. Alan Christianson, clearly explains how to reset your metabolism and achieve successful “waist” loss by addressing this key organ.

Key Notes:

  • What is metabolism and what determines it?

  • What is metabolic flexibility?

  • What organ holds the key to weight loss and improved energy?

  • How do you begin to reset your metabolism?


“You want waist loss, not just weight loss.” - Dr. Alan Christianson

“Her brilliant health is joyously, vibrantly healthy.” - Dr. Alan Christianson

“We must separate health span and life span.” - Dr. Alan Christianson

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Website - https://www.drchristianson.com/

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