#089: Fix Your Period, Fix Your Life with Nicole Jardim

PMS, irregular and painful menstrual cycles are so common that we’ve all come to believe that this is “normal” when it is not. We’ve also come to believe that suppressing our natural hormones with synthetic and potentially toxic birth control pills is the answer when it is not the healthy choice in the long run.

Guest Expert Nicole Jardim, Certified Women’s Health Coach and author of Fix Your Period, explains why bad periods are indicators of deeper health issues that must be uncovered and addressed for vitality to occur. Details on how to assess the root causes of period dysfunctions and how to address them naturally are discussed.

Key Notes:

  • Why what’s ‘normal” with your period isn’t optimal

  • The language of your period and what it’s saying

  • How to investigate your period problems

  • Estrogen excess and deficiency-causes, symptoms and resolution

  • The science behind mainstream medical treatments for dysfunctional period

  • Natural alternatives to regain your period sanity


“We have completely normalized pain associated with our uterus.” – Nicole Jardim

“Gut health is the number one system that affects your period.” – Dr. Kyrin

Links Mentioned:

Nicole Jardim’s website - https://nicolejardim.com/

FREE period quiz - https://nicolejardim.com/quiz/

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