#086: The Fifth Vital Sign with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, FAE

Many women are taught that their menstrual cycles have no relationship to the rest of their health and that irregular, heavy or painful periods are a normal experience. The menstrual cycle represents the health of the ovulatory or reproductive system, an integral member of the vital systems that make up the body. Imbalance or dis-ease in the body will directly affect this system and cause abnormal symptoms.

In 2017 the health of ovulatory function was recognized as a key indicator of overall wellbeing and dubbed The Fifth Vital Sign.

Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Fertility Friday Podcast Host Lisa Hendrickson-Jack is the author of The Fifth Vital Sign. In this episode she details why this vital sign is so important, what it says about your overall health and how to address abnormalities in a proactive and holistic manner.

Key Notes:

  • Understanding the menstrual cycle

  • The history of the pill and what it does to your body

  • Busting the myths of pills and the menstrual cycle

  • Historical and psychosocial aspects of the Fifth Vital Sign


“A period on The Pill is not a normal menstrual cycle”– Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

“Know the side effects of the pill.” – Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

“Her brilliant health means reconnecting with your cycles and femininity.” – Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

“The menstrual cycle is a key indicator of your overall health. It is your Fifth Vital Sign.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Links Mentioned

Lisa’s website - http://fertilityfriday.com/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/fertilityfriday/

The Fifth Vital Sign book – http://thefifthvitalsignbook.com/

Fertility Friday Podcast - http://fertilityfriday.com/episodes/

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