078: Healing Naturally from PCOS with Dr. Felice Gersh

Polycystic ovarian syndrome affects 10% of the world’s female population and is the leading cause of female infertility.

Irregular periods, acne, hair loss, obesity, sleep disorders are a few of the most common and seemingly unrelated symptoms with PCOS. Find out more about this mysterious disorder and learn how you can heal from it naturally with expert Dr. Felice Gersh.

Key Notes:

  • How and why PCOS develops

  • Why PCOS affects so many women

  • Why birth control pills are contraindicated for women with PCOS

  • Key issues in healing PCOS

  • What comprehensive lifestyle changes to make to regulate periods within a year


“Lifestyle always wins over medications”- Dr. Felice Gersh

“It’s time for a change” – Dr. Felice Gersh

“Traditional treatment is causing more detriment and really not healing us.” –Dr. Kyrin

“SAD Diet is contributing to PCOS in women” – Dr. Felice Gersh

“Sex hormones are not only about sex” – Dr. Kyrin

“We don’t eat for entertainment” – Dr. Felice Gersh

“My philosophy of healing is: Bad stuff out, good stuff in, balance everything” – Dr. Kyrin

“Eat dinner for breakfast” – Dr. Kyrin

“Her Brilliant Health is Following the light to optimize health” – Dr. Felice Gersh

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