#077: Treating EBV through Functional Nutrition with Dr. Kasia Kines

Brain fog, significant fatigue and other chronic illness are just few of the symptoms of Epstein - Barr virus (EBV) but lab tests do not usually show that you have it.

How would you know if you are infected?

Listen as Clinical Nutrition Dr. Kasia Kines shares her expertise about Epstein-Barr virus, how it can affect your health and what you can do to reverse or put a stop to it.

Key Notes:

  • What is Epstein-Barr virus and how does it affect our health?

  • What functional nutrition to help treat and recover from EBV?

  • Lifestyle and food that triggers EBV

  • Detoxification to prevent chronic illness such as EBV


“Your cortisol is the main determinant of your immune system function.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Antioxidants are not in animal-derived foods.” – Dr. Kasia Kines

“You want to stop toxins from coming by start eating organics.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Improve your immune and cortisol function so that your body can put on a lid to these viral infections.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Her brilliant is loving who you are, what you do and always looking forward to what you can do.” – Dr. Kasia Kines

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