#075: Erectile Dysfunction and Testosterone Therapy with Orest Komarnyckyj

Is there a lack of sexual intimacy between you and your partner but he does not want to talk about it?

Erectile dysfunction is an increasing issue and has been prevalent also with young men. Find out what factors causes this and the importance of addressing the issue.

Old Guy Talks Orest Komarnyckyj gets real and tackles the hard truth about erectile dysfunction and how testosterone therapy can help in bringing back the fire in your bedroom and have a healthy and happy relationship.

Key Notes:

  • Sex and relationships and its effects to your health

  • Erectile dysfunction and your cardiovascular health

  • Find out if your partner should get testosterone therapy

  • How to have good sex and healthy intimacy


Erectile dysfunction is the first sign that vascular disease is occurring in the heart and they could be at risk for a heart attack. – Dr. Kyrin

The issue of infertility with the man is increasing. – Orest Komarnyckyj

When you have better relationships, you have better, physical health. – Dr. Kyrin

The power for you is in taking action. -Orest Komarnyckyj

Her brilliant health is about taking advantage of the resources to improve the quality of life. - Orest Komarnyckyj

When your health is good, everything else seems to fall in line too. - Orest Komarnyckyj

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