#074: The benefits of fasting without going hungry with Robyn Openshaw

Fasting and diet – when you think of these, one of the things that come to mind is not eating food and getting hungry.

Sounds difficult, right?

But what about fasting provide you a significant, positive change in your health, mood and immunity and weight loss is second to its myriads of benefits?

Listen up as GreenSmoothieGirl Robyn Openshaw shares her expertise and knowledge about modified fasting and its scientifically-proven health benefits.

Key Notes:

  • What is modified fast, how to do it and its benefits

  • The difference between water fasting and modified fasting

  • What are science-based facts about the benefits of modified fasting


“You don’t necessarily have to be hungry to achieve the benefits of fasting.” – Robyn Openshaw

“You make potential cancer every single day but your immune system comes and fixes it before it becomes cancer.” – Dr. Kyrin

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