#073: Healing with Self-Regulation Therapy with Tara Miller, MC, RCC

Has there been an event in your life in the past that has caused trauma and it is holding you back when it comes to healing?

When you are overwhelmed with a situation – what is your usual reaction? Fight, flight or freeze?

Healing is not only physical but it requires for you to address the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of your wellbeing.

In this episode, learn how the power of neuroscience based self regulation therapy from psychotherapist Tara Miller, MC, RCC and how it can help heal the mind from traumatic life events that brings you towards achieving brilliant health.

Key Notes:

  • What is Self Regulation Therapy and how it can help heal?

  • What is trauma, how it is identified if someone has trauma?


“Our brain likes to look for something familiar or known, even if it is not good for us.” – Tara Miller

“Mental health needs functional medicine.” – Tara Miller

“For maximum health, you really need to address the whole thing – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.” – Dr. Kyrin

Links Mentioned:

Tara Miller’s website – www.taradawnmiller.com