#071: Healing Miracle of Ozone with Micah Lowe

When you hear the word ‘ozone’, many of you would think it has any negative effect to the environment and even more so to our health. So when you think of ‘ozone therapy’ as an effective healing modality to myriads of diseases and illnesses.

In this episode, listen as Ozonaut Micah Lowe tells about how this powerful, supercharged form of oxygen O3 can help to treat chronic illnesses such as Lyme, dental issues and other types of diseases including cancer.

Key Notes:

  • What is ozone therapy and how it can benefit your health?

  • Types of ozone therapy modalities to heal and what diseases it is used for


“Health, especially when you’re sick, is a discipline.” – Micah Lowe

“We start to become oxidatively stressed as we age.” – Micah Lowe

“Her brilliant health is simplicity.” – Micah Lowe

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