#069: Reconnecting with Earth, Heart and Breathing for Healing with Dr. Maya Shetreat

If it’s true that the power that makes the body also makes all of nature and that there is an interconnectedness among all things then it’s logical that nature can be used to help physical healing and science has confirmed this truth.

In this episode, neurologist, herbalist and shaman Dr. Maya Shetreat helps us understand the intimate connection we share with all of nature and how to harness the power of these healing energies for physical, mental and emotional healing.

Key Notes:

  • What are ethnobotany and indigenous healing and how they assist healing.

  • Why eating dirt will help you be healthier.

  • The function of breathwork in healing and practices to use

  • Herbs to use to improve organ function, detoxify and for menopausal symptoms

  • What is hip closing at menopause and how it can benefit your body

  • Plant bathing basics


“Look at the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect if you want healing.” – Dr. Kyrin

“We have all developed a degree of shame to our sexual powers.” – Dr. Maya Shetreat

“Her brilliant health is about trusting your intuition.”– Dr. Maya Shetreat

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