#068: The Journey of Healing through Hypnotherapy with Kristine Ovsepian, MA, CH.t.

The mind is such a powerful tool that you can use to transform your health either in a positive or a negative way. In this episode, listen as Certified Hypnotherapist Kristine Ovsepian, MA, CH.t. teaches us how the process can help an individual and how it can heal.

Find out what techniques can help when it comes to weight loss, stress management, overcoming addiction, depression, overcoming limiting beliefs, fears, etc.

Key Notes:

  • What is hypnotherapy and how you can use it towards achieving brilliant health

  • Healing through hypnotherapy

  • How can hypnotherapy help through transformation from addiction and weight loss, diet and getting unstuck


“Remembering the power of our mind – what we tell ourselves, the body will believe.” – Kristine Ovsepian,MA, CH.t

“Thoughts and feelings directly affect your health through cortisol and your adrenals so all of the health problems you were having are related to that.” – Dr. Kyrin

“The reason why we are lost is because we have so much clutter on the conscious level.” – Kristine Ovsepian, MA, CH.t.

“The grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.” - Anonymous

“Her brilliant health is everyday starting with the intention of being of service and sharing. “ – Kristine Ovsepian, MA, CH.t.

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