#067: Stress Management and Self-care Made Easy with Samantha Lee Wright

When you hear about the word self-care, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Could it be the usual ‘pamper yourself’ day at the spa? Meditation? Journaling?

In this day and age, these types of self-care does not come easy. Typically because of our busy lives who has time to go to the gym or the spa? But there’s a practical and easy way to do an act of self-care through essential oils.

This episode, Samantha Lee Wright shares her knowledge and expertise about essential oils and how you can incorporate it to your daily routine to help with managing stress, giving yourself a boost for the day and even diet!

Key Notes:

  • How to use essential oils for efficacy and maximize its benefits

  • What essential oils to use for weight loss and diet

  • Learn what practical tools or ways for self-care


“Stress is the number one killer”. – Samantha Lee Wright

“Part of our health challenges is because we are so disconnected from nature.” – Dr. Kyrin

“You can intentionally create your own triggers using essential oils in a positive way.” – Samantha Lee Wright

“Her brilliant health means happiness.” – Samantha Lee Wright

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