#061: Neuro Brain Nutrition for Health and Happiness with Leah Lund

Is your brain trying to “kill” you?

Anxiety, depression or overwhelm are some of the most common mental clutter that people experience trying to keep up with modern times and even appease everyone around them.

“Stop thinking about it!” – easier said than done but what are the holistic ways that you can do to regain brain power?

Brain Coach Leah Lund shows us the 5 holistic brain methods that you can do in order to feed your brain vital nutrients and other ways that you can do to help improve brain health and combat addiction, mental and emotional overwhelm, anxiety and focus problems.

Key Notes:

  • Brain health and ways to take care of your brain

  • Issues with the brain function

  • 5 Holistic brain method

  • Neurotransmitter levels deficiency and nutrition


“What’s happening in your body is happening in your brain.” – Leah Lund

“What you’re depressed about doesn’t have the same meaning when you are biochemically imbalanced.” – Dr. Kyrin

“The fact that you’re depressed may have more than what to do with how your body is functioning than just emotional issues.” – Dr. Kyrin

“The brain learns through practice and repetition.” – Leah Lund

“Every health issue is a call to know and heal yourself in a deeper level.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Her brilliant health means mental clarity, physical and mental energy and stamina and keep your vibrations high.” – Leah Lund

Links Mentioned:

Leah Lund’s website

Brain Chemistry Self Scoring Assessment

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