#059: Hidden Nutrient Deficiencies May be Hurting your Health with Shelley Gawith

You watch what you eat and think you’re eating healthy but how do you really know if you’re getting what you need from the choices you make?

70% of Americans suffer with nutrient deficiencies which hinder their bodies functioning and contribute to disease.

Functional Nutritionist Shelley Gawith sheds light on the common myths and truths about food and nutrients that we must be aware of.

Otherwise we may be robbing our bodies with every bite we take.

Key Notes:

  • Learn how fatigue and other disorders are related to nutritional deficiencies

  • Understand why an elimination diet is not optimal for your health

  • Discover common micro nutrient deficiencies that contribute to weight issues

  • Realize the best way to source nutrients to satisfy your body’s requirements


“What we’re seeing with some restrictive diets is the elimination of key macro and micro nutrients.” – Shelley Gawith

“You can be so nutritionally depleted yet eating a “healthy diet” if you’re not conscious.”– Shelley Gawith

“You want to get your nutrients from your food – it’s the easiest and cheapest way to do it.” – Shelley Gawith

“Her brilliant health means having great energy.” – Shelley Gawith

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