#056: Mystery Illnesses Solved with Dr. Tom Moorcroft

Some health conditions go undiagnosed and unresolved despite numerous doctor visits and treatments leaving you feeling hopeless and helpless.

They usually include some degree of pain and fatigue.

Lyme disease is very often the answer. It is highly underdiagnosed.

My guest today, Dr. Tom Moorcroft, specializes in finding the missing piece to your chronic health puzzle and will give you a map to follow on the journey to health and healing in this episode.

Key Notes:

  • Understand how to properly diagnose chronic mystery illnesses

  • Learn about diagnosing Lyme disease – it’s more common than you think

  • Discover how your mindset can affect your healing or continued illness

  • Get free resources that you can use to help with your healing


“If you have an infection, your immune system is not working in tiptop shape and you’re prone to other infections.” – Dr. Kyrin

“If you believe that you can’t feel better then it won’t happen for you.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Her brilliant health is blossoming into who you are.” – Dr. Tom Moorcroft

Links Mentioned:

Dr. Tom Moorcroft’s website – Origins of Health

FREE resources you can find on the website

1. Common Reasons Treatment Fails… And How to Avoid Them

2. Top 5 Brain Detox Tips

3. Relax and Reboot

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