#050: The Other Pill with Sarah Morgan, M.S.

Any type of drug can cause side effects in your body and birth control pills are no exception. Headaches, decrease in sex drive, weight gain, acne breakouts and fatigue are just some of the most common side effects from hormonal birth control and there are reasons for this.

Nutrient deficiencies caused by pharmacologic medications often create a host of unwanted symptoms. Although they occur reliably with onset of taking a new medication, most people are not counselled proactively about the need for targeted supplementation and fail to receive information about this issue when problems do occur. They remain in the dark, untreated and suffering.

Listen as Dr. Kyrin and Gene Queen Sarah Morgan explain the specifics of nutrient depletion with medications, what you need to know now to protect yourself. They cover how vital it is to take “The Other Pill” when you are on THE pill.

Key Notes:

  • The birth control pill, its side effects and nutrient depletions

  • Essential nutrients that are depleted with specific medications

  • Other fertility and hormonal nutrients our bodies need

  • The Other Pill and how it can benefit your health


“We deplete the body of folate which is a crucial nutrient in early pregnancy.” – Sarah Morgan

“A lot of women are having hormonal imbalance and they are actually estrogen dominant.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“The birth control pill is one of the most widely prescribed drugs in the world.” – Sarah Morgan

“We have unique nutrient needs when we take medication.” – Sarah Morgan

“There is a cost to everything we put into our body.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

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