#046: Quench Your Thirst with Dr. Dana Cohen

When you feel thirsty, what do you usually grab to quench your thirst? Is it a can of soda, juice or perhaps just plain water? Any of this will give you relief temporarily but how does it affect your health on a cellular level?

In this episode, we are talking not just about water but structured water. What is it, the importance of drinking structured water for your health and how do you source such? Learn all of these from Integrative Medicine Dr. Dana Cohen as she gives useful insights and knowledge about structured water as outlined in her new book “Quench."

Key Notes:

  • What is structured water and how to make structured water?

  • The importance of hydration and how to hydrate properly

  • The connection between hydration and chronic illness


“There is no better way of getting structured water but by eating plants.” – Dr. Dana Cohen

“Afternoon fatigue is more likely dehydration.” – Dr. Dana Cohen

“One reason we are dehydrated is because of toxicity.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“Low grade dehydration is the first step in preventing and treating any kind of chronic illness.” – Dr. Dana Cohen

“Her brilliant health is when you listen to your body.” – Dr. Dana Cohen

Links Mentioned:

Dr. Dana Cohen’s website

Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body Through The New Science of Optimum Hydration

EWG’s Water Filter Guide

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