#025: Self-Care for the New Millennium with Dr. Duffy Spencer

How do you take care of yourself? Many people claim that they do self-care but is it even the right way? When we feel bad or angry, we tend to process it by what is called “fake self-care,” – eating a box of chocolates or shifting to foods that we believe will “de-stress” us is not entirely self-care but instead it is self-sabotaging.

In this episode, Dr. Kyrin talks to Dr. Duffy Spencer about how we, mostly women, process emotions, what should be the right way to and self-care is not all about being selfish.

Key Notes:

  • Resistance to self-care and fake self-care

  • How we process our emotions

  • Self-sabotaging and the vicious cycle

  • Food addiction and other types of addiction


“A lot of people have a self-sabotaging part.” – Dr. Duffy Spencer

“Taking the superficial things is another form of fake self-care.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“The idea of addiction is to stop pain in a quick-fix way.” – Dr. Duffy Spencer

Links Mentioned:

Dr. Duffy Spencer’s website – http://www.drduffy.com/

Dr. Duffy’s SPICE book - http://www.drduffy.com/cds_books.html

Internal Family Systems - https://selfleadership.org/about-internal-family-systems.html

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