#024: The Weight Is Not The Issue with Rebecca Bedford

Does number on the scale really matter? Not for Rebecca Bedford. Rebecca is the vlogger/blogger behind Being An SSBBW (Supersized Big Beautiful Women). In this episode, Rebecca tells about her journey and struggles on being overweight, weight loss, being healthy and self-acceptance.

The issue is not about the size, shape or weight but more of how you accept and love yourself. Listen more as Dr. Kyrin discusses with Rebecca about the facts, myths and personal views of body positivity, fat shaming and acceptance within the super-size community.

Key Notes:

  • What is SSBBWW?

  • Food addiction and weight loss

  • Accepting your body and loving yourself


“You can’t be a healthy person if you don’t love who you are.” – Rebecca Bedford

“Self-acceptance comes from within.” – Rebecca Bedford

Links Mentioned:

Rebecca Bedford’s website - http://beinganssbbw.com/