#021: How a Pizza Queen Does Detox with Dr. Judy Seeger

When you hear about the word “detoxification” what first comes into mind? Does it involve the food that you eat? Is it good to detox on a regular basis? Can everybody detox? There are a lot of questions that most people are unable to get the truth when it comes to this process.

In this episode, Dr. Kyrin talks to naturopathic physician and reformed “Pizza Queen” Dr. Judy Seeger about detoxification. What tools and what other information do you need in order to do the process the right and natural way?

Key Notes:

  • How to detox?

  • What tools can you use to detox?

  • How to assess toxicity level in your body?

  • 3 step detoxification process


“Health is brilliant. When you have that brilliant is like I could see the shining that the sparks flying out. . You're going to spark going feeling good.” - Dr. Judy Seeger

“Are you ready to make that change? Because changing the diet is the hardest thing we ever can do.” – Dr. Judy Seeger

“You want something with life in it because life will give life.” – Dr. Judy Seeger

“Good health is a choice and it's a choice that you make 100 or a thousand times a day” - Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Links Mentioned:

Dr. Judy Seeger’s website and freebie "21 Easy Steps to Start & Stay On Your Detox" - http://judyseegerdetox.com/

MSQ (Multi-Symptom Questionnaire) - https://drhyman.com/downloads/MSQ_Fillable.pdf

Ewg.org water filters - https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/water-filter-guide.php

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