#018: Breast Size Happy - Navigating Implant Illness with Christina Roulund

In a world where society dictates what beauty is, is another woman’s health burden. Dr. Kyrin talks to health and fitness expert Christina Roulund about breast implant illness. Having personally experienced myriad of symptoms pertaining to her breast implants, Christina provides useful information about what it does and whether you should consider getting explant surgery for those who have implants.

If you have breast implants and are experiencing pain and symptoms which you are unable to identify where it has come from, Christina’s story might resonate with you.

Key Notes:

  • What is implant illness?

  • Explant surgery and how safe it is

  • Self-love and awareness and the connection with your health


“I do think a root cause of all illness is lack of self love or self love deficit disorder” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“I want women to fully love and embrace and appreciate their natural body and not wait until they have something to be happy or to feel sexy” – Christina Roulund

“You have to put your health first, you have to focus on your health, take, take the focus off of your body and focus on your health” – Christina Roulund

Links Mentioned:

Size Happy website – sizehappy.net

Breast Implant Illness Rejuvenation and Education with Christina Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/rejuvenationandeducationwithchristina/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sizehappy_withchristina/

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