The Essential Oil Revolution with Samantha Lee Wright 215: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Action Plan

Today we are joined by Kyrin Dunston, MD and dive into what’s on everyone’s mind: Coronavirus (COVID-19). We’ll distinguish what’s factual from what’s hype, what helps prevent infection (and what doesn’t….) and separate the actual threat from what may be triggered, old trauma.

One huge immune system depressant is stress…don’t go down the social media feed rabbit hole and click on every post….know where you can find trusted sources of factual information, take the precautions, and find ways to make the most of new circumstances.


Making the most of the quarantine! (5:45)

What’s going on? (6:15)

Difference between Coronavirus and the flu (7:00)

You can be contagious and not have symptoms (9:25)

Coronavirus mortality rate (9:50)

Social distancing (10:30)

Action steps to prevent infection (13:30)

The difference between hand washing and hand sanitizing (16:50)

The truth about surgical masks (19:50)

Nasal irrigation (22:00)

Supplement recommendations (27:50)

Putting Coronavirus in perspective (33:20)

Childhood traumas are getting triggered by the perceived threat of COVID-19 (39:30)

Vitamin C absorption (43:40)

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include:

Vitamin D (100,000 units daily for 4 days), Vitamin A (100,000 units daily for 4 days), Liposomal Zinc, powdered Liposomal Vitamin C