Don’t let Methylation Defects Derail your Health at Midlife

Have you ever thought about why we age so fast? Have you ever heard about methylation dysfunction and wondered why it happens to you?

Methylation is a process that occurs in every living cell, and it plays a very important role in the development of our body. If methylation functions properly, our body will be able to repair and rejuvenate itself naturally. However, if it malfunctions, aging will happen quickly. Furthermore, methylation defect affects DNA in the body and makes you look older and fatter. It’s a genetic disorder that leads to weight gain, fatigue, and depression. DNA is a living substance, and it also contains the information needed for life. The human body has the ability to keep its own cells alive, but it cannot repair and rejuvenate itself. If DNA is damaged, it cannot be repaired, and our bodies will become old and sick.

Dr. Kendra shares her story that led her to studies and research about healing through genetics and specialties in treatment of challenging conditions such as asthma, autism, allergies, and eczema, as well as fertility. She is most passionate about genetic methylation defects as it almost prevented her from becoming a mother.

Let’s hear about her inspirational journey and learn more about methylation defects.

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