Boost Your Confidence By Fixing Your Thyroid

Boost Your Confidence By Fixing Your Thyroid

You've been struggling with thyroid issues for months, years, or maybe decades. And you still haven't gotten it right. You've tried every diet, supplement, and lifestyle change out there. But you still don't feel like yourself.

You're not alone! In this episode of The Hormone Prescription Podcast, Elle Russ explains how to boost your confidence by fixing your thyroid. She'll teach you everything you need to know about the thyroid gland, how it affects your mood and energy levels, and how to correct any imbalances.

Elle Russ is the bestselling author of Confident As Fu*k and The Paleo Thyroid Solution. She is a TV-film writer, master coach, and the host of The Elle Russ Show. You can learn more about her at

In this episode you'll learn:

  • What's different about a mainstream corporate medical approach to thyroid

  • The signs and symptoms of thyroid imbalances

  • How to test your thyroid function

  • What test results mean

  • How to correct imbalances in your thyroid

  • Tips for living a thyroid-friendly lifestyle

  • How do we keep our stress down and keep our cortisol in balance to help our thyroid

  • And more!

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