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How Carol Got Her Second Spring

March 14, 2017



When successful Software Company Entrepreneur Carol turned 40, She began experiencing each one of the 6 F’s:  Female, fat, forty, forgetful, fatigued and frigid. 



She was napping every afternoon.  Her bottom line was faltering as a result of her decreasing stamina. Her doctor recommended coffee and told her it was normal for her age. 



Most people think that napping is harmless.  However, studies show that after the age of 40 daily napping is associated with a 32% increased chance of dying in the next 13 years. 



When she didn’t jump on the perfect deal for her new office space her realtor asked why and she shared her fears for her health and her business.



Thank goodness Carol was referred to me. We worked together to identify the root causes of her health issues and corrected them with natural measures.



6 months later, after her best quarter ever, Carol moved into her new office.  In addition to needing no naps she had lost 30 pounds and was enjoying her second spring with her husband.



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