#112 The Value of Psychological Capital & Support in Healing

Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum is the founder of Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, an educator, and a licensed clinical psychologist. With over 35-years of experience, she is an extraordinary pioneer who blends functional medicine principles with positive psychology cognitive behaviour therapy. Research shows that no matter which culture you come from, we each have 24 birth strengths that we can choose to take with us into life. Dr. Sandra discusses how being mindful allows us to use these strengths in a way that benefits our overall wellbeing and allows us to achieve our health goals.

In her conversation with Dr. Kyrin Dunston, Dr. Sandra gives a fascinating insight into the root cause resolution approach and how we consider psychology. She discusses the unbreakable spirits of women and the positive psychology that makes them antifragile and encourages them to understand that they are not going to shatter and fall apart. Dr. Sandra talks about the powers of eternal optimism and positivity, and despite fears of the global pandemic, the sky really isn’t falling in. Listen to her talk about how we can each understand how healing emotions directly correlates to our own bodies and health.

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