Programs and Pricing

What is a wellness program?


Working with me will be a completely different healthcare experience than anything you’ve ever done before. After your initial evaluation, we will create a 6 month program with routine consultations and plan the steps needed to get your health on track. The only way I work with my clients is through wellness programs. I do not offer individual appointments. Here’s why:


  • Getting healthy takes commitment. There is no quick fix to radiant health. You have to come up with a plan and stick with it.

  • You will see the best results possible when you keep yourself accountable with routine consultations and tracked progress.

  • Consistency is key, and when modification is needed, it can be implemented as soon as possible with regular communication.

  • You get out what you put in-this type of treatment is an entire paradigm shift from traditional medicine where you only seek help when you hurt and symptoms are controlled.  Here, we are being proactive and this requires a different approach where we are creating a foundation for good health and this requires consistent construction. Instead of being REACTIVE we’re becoming RESPONSIVE.

  • Through my decade of experience doing this type of medicine with people in various practice models it has become blatantly clear to me that fee for service on demand appointments for this type of medicine NEVER get people the healing , health and optimal wellness that they are seeking. In the end they think that functional medicine doesn’t work for them when it’s not the type of medical care that doesn’t work it was the WAY it was delivered for them.

If you’re not willing to commit to a program, then I may not be a good fit for you.


Do you accept insurance?


Health insurance is designed to cover costs for sick care and not well care or the creation of optimal health.  In short, health insurance does not pay for the unique type of medical coaching and treatment that I provide.


If you live your life based on what you’re insurance provides, you will never reach your full potential when it comes to health. Insurance is not set up for finding the root cause of your health issues and radically changing your life. Insurance is there for emergency medical assistance. This is not what I offer.


What does your program include?


If you commit to a program with me, you can expect these things:


  • A 90-minute Comprehensive Functional Evaluation, including an extensive review of your medical records, health history, previous lab results, and current health concerns. During this evaluation, I will explain why your health is the way it is now and what you need to do to get better. Functional lab testing is then ordered as indicated by your history.

  • Audio Summary Recording of this appointment detailing for you why you have the health problems you're experiencing and how you got to where you are and, most importantly, outlining the path to healing and vitality.

  • A 90-minute Review of Findings session where we explain your new lab results, put together the pieces of your story and discuss the factors that are contributing to your current state of health

  • A personalized treatment plan focused on natural, non-invasive therapies such as nutrition, botanicals, lifestyle modifications and other integrative treatments.

  • Regular follow-up sessions with me to assure that modifications can be made when necessary

  • Support, encouragement and accountability to help you stick with the program


What does it cost?


Your first visit will be a 90-minute Comprehensive Functional Evaluation. This visit is $897 and includes time spent reviewing your previous labs, medical history and current health concerns before you arrive, as well as creating a summary as described above.


After your initial evaluation, the appropriate program will be recommended.  Programs start at $9997 and depend on your current state of health and past Functional Medicine work.  Clients who pay for their programs in full do receive a  discount.


Ready to take charge of your health and live a beautiful, blissful, bountiful life?


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We will be in touch to discuss the opportunity if we think it's a good fit.