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#099: Why Gut Health is Essential with Laurie Seely

Your gut is in the center of your body and is literally the center of your overall health status. If you suffer with overweight, lack of energy or any health problem, even if you don’t have gut symptoms, it’s likely that your GI tract is not optimally healthy.

A root cause resolution approach to health problems starts with identifying GI problems and healing them with natural treatments.

Functional Medicine Health Coach Laurie Seely tells you how to identify these problems and what to do about them so that you can experience the brilliant health that you deserve in this episode.

Key Notes:

  • Common causes of suboptimal gut health

  • Symptoms of gut candida and how to address it

  • What questions your doctor should ask you about your gut health

  • What your poop says about you

  • Recommendations for intestinal healing


“Your body is made to poop after every meal.” – Dr. Kyrin

Links Mentioned:

Laurie’s website - https://laurieseely.com/

7 Steps to Kill Candida and Repair Your Gut https://laurieseely.com/7stepssp/

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