• Dr. Kyrin

#090: Keto Diet Don'ts - How to Overcome Weight loss Resistance and Plateaus

Updated: May 6

What wouldn’t you give to shed or lose extra weight?

Keto, paleo and the works – you might have already tried all the diet and exercise out there but your weight does not seem to stay off.

Find out what you’re missing and unlock the secret to successful weight loss.

Key Notes:

  • Why diet and exercise will never be enough

  • Reasons why the body retains fat and weight

  • The science behind weight loss and burning fat

  • What addressing the root cause of weight gain does for you


“Hormones are the communicators in your body.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Fat isn’t just decoration, it’s a storage unit for toxins.” – Dr. Kyrin

“You need the key to the fat jail and that’s your nutritional resources.” – Dr. Kyrin

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