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#087: Cannabis for Healing-Is it Hype or Hope? with Dr. Mary Clifton

Updated: Apr 22

After decades of prohibition, cannabis has come out of the closet as a healing miracle and been embraced by a society that previously shunned it.

The research is undeniable: Cannabis products have proven health benefits for not only chronic disorders, inflammation and quality of life but also female sexual function, including orgasm.

CBD and Cannabis expert Dr. Mary “Jane” Clifton helps you know if the current craze is hype or hope, what to use when, how much and how to do it safely in this episode.

Key Notes:

  • The endocannabinoid system

  • Scientifically proven benefits of CBD

  • How endocannabinoids affect sexual health

  • Considerations when buying CBD, medical marijuana, THC


“Cannabinoids improve intimacy.”– Dr. Mary Clifton

“It is vital to get organic CBD; No pesticides & herbicides.” – Dr. Kyrin

“CBD is amazing to use when you have trouble sleeping compared to alcohol.” – Dr. Mary Clifton

Links Mentioned:

Dr. Mary Clifton’s website - https://cbdandcannabisinfo.com/

Infused Opt-in: https://cbdandcannabisinfo.com/e-book-free-cannabis-cookbook/

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