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#055: How to Have Great Skin from Within with Dr. Keira Barr

“Beauty is more than just skin deep.” – we’ve all heard about this but yet we still apply lotions and creams from the outside to try to improve skin appearance.

But the truth is that…..great skin comes from within.

Join “The Skin Whisperer” Dr. Keira Barr as she tells you why your skin tells your story and exactly how to heal your skin by addressing the inside, root causes of what’s bothering it.

After all, you should be comfortable with the skin you’re in.

Key Notes:

  • Discover what your skin story is and why this matters

  • Find out what emotional skin care is and how to optimize yours

  • Understand proper topicals for skin

  • Learn skin care product ingredients you must avoid

  • Get take action steps for great skin quality from the inside out


“Really tuning in to what your skin is trying to communicate to you is the best way to cut through the noise.” – Dr. Keira Barr

“Your skin story is the story of your life.” – Dr. Kyrin

“It’s okay to listen to me, trust myself and look within rather than looking for external validation.” – Dr. Keira Barr

“Skin beauty happens between the sheets.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Her brilliant health is tuning in to your body and yourself.” – Dr. Keira Barr

“The skin is the window to your body.” – Dr. Kyrin

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