12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired at Midlife

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Well written and presented, Bikini Code explains clearly the mechanisms that direct the female body to vibrant health or what may be considered 'natural' processes of aging. Best of all is the pathway given to return to health and well being if a woman feels far from it. The knowledge shared is a light in what may seem the darkness of an aging rather than maturing female's experience. I recommend this book to all women, including young women, and their supporters.

S.R Zoller
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Follow Kyrin’s journey as she struggles with unsuccessful conventional medical approaches to obesity, fatigue and myriad health concerns

...uncovers the secrets to reversing these symptoms that occur for many women over 40

... and finds the answers and the clear path to ultimate health and healing to create a body that she loves and couldn’t have imagined from her conventional MD training.


When one person dares to speak their truth, it gives us permission to speak our own.
Marni Battista’s memoir/“how-to” hybrid candidly chronicles her own journey to self-awareness and manifesting love, lighting the way for other women to do the same.
How to Find a Quality Guy replaces the outdated relationship paradigm with realistic advice and invaluable steps for finding and keeping the kind of love we all deserve.
This book pushes well beyond the “how” part of pursuing a relationship, to addressing the common questions of “when,” “why” and even “where” to find a partner. Battista serves it up real and raw for any reader who is ready to meet her match.