Dr. Dunston walks the walk and she's an MD who can talk!

Dr. Kyrin Dunston is a Board Certified Medical Doctor and a relentless advocate for radical health and wellness for women and those they love through holistic integrative medicine. She is warm, relatable and down to earth.  She has appeared on numerous radio, internet and network television programs.


Dr. Dunston doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk and lost 100 pounds herself using this type of natural medicine.  Her book, Cracking the Bikini Code:  6 Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss Success, details her own incredible journey of health and healing and gives readers an insiders guide to the successful and permanent weight loss method that she used.

Dr. Dunston is available for media appearances. Contact her at MD@kyrindunstonmd.com.

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Health Network Livestream with JJ Virgin, 
Mike Koenigs and other medical experts
NBC Atlanta Interview Segment
Feature Interview with Cynthia
Pasquella - What Are You Really Hungry For?
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Cracking the Bikini Code:

6 Secrets For Permanent Weight Loss Success

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