Treatments Prescribed

Functional Medicine utilizes a vast array of treatment modalities to address the root causes of poor health.  Which practices are needed for each individual will be as unique as your fingerprint and preferences.


The wonderful truth is that, unlike a medication or surgery, which usually address a specific symptom only, almost all of these modalities improve your health globally, in addition to helping to alleviate symptoms.  Even those not suffering with health challenges can benefit from using these treatments.


I treat the person, not the disease and my goal is not only alleviation of disease and symptoms and getting you off of pharmaceutical medications, but ultimately the creation of true vitality and brilliant health that allows for an expanded life experience NOW and increased longevity in the future.


Here are some of the most common treatment modalities that I use to help women heal:



If there are treatments that you are interested in but don't see them listed above, don't worry!  New protocols and developments happen every day in the Functional Medicine world so this sometimes happens.  I can connect you with a talented practitioner for almost every kind of treatment modality available.


Schedule a complimentary consultation with me and let’s discover together how to get you on the path to healing and brilliant health!